Masuta’s Strengths
Product variants: Masuta produces a number of yarn variants to meet a variety of market needs. This helps Masuta to cater to a wider cross section of clients and build relationships with them.

Collaboration and support systems: Masuta has been able to collaborate with a number of institutions of national repute. For example, with C-DAC, Masuta is trying to work on technological solutions to standardise the process of cocoon purchase.

Product quality: Masuta’s yarn is more pure than any of the tropical tasar yarn available in the market. This has helped it to build a strong brand based on quality of the product.

Enabling Producer Company format: Being a producer company Masuta helps the poor members own the company without any constraints posed by the government as in other legal formats like cooperatives.

Mobilizing resources: Masuta is assured of a regular supply of cocoons for the next 5 years since the cocoon production in the country is increasing, due to new plantations in the privately owned uplands are getting matured, new plantations are raised by PRADAN and various state governments. Masuta has created good rapport among the banks and donors thus is also able to mobilise adequate funds (loan and grant) to support the business.

Back-up support of PRADAN: Knowledge, and mentor role of PRADAN and its co-opted directors adds value and credibility to Masuta.

Well oriented members: Masuta gets its membership base from PRADAN. These members come through years of training on financial literacy and working on collective basis. This helps Masuta in grooming the producer members to take up more responsibility especially in the governance.

Strategy statement:
Masuta will serve resource constrained poor women members by providing perpetual and sustainable employment in tasar yarn production. Masuta will adopt the strategy of market penetration by saturating the areas where it has current membership base. Later it will also look for new areas to increase the membership base. Masuta shall develop systems to offer quick payments with built in incentives to the member producers thereby bringing in stability in production.

Masuta will sell yarn to institutional and retail buyers with an increasing focus on institutional buyers over the next 5 years. It will adopt the strategy of geographic expansion by selling in new geographies. It will also modify the products to further improve the quality of existing products. Masuta will also explore the opportunities of economies of scope to develop new products to cater to new segments/buyers. Masuta will maintain product leadership by offering the best quality tropical tasar yarn in the country.