Masuta is also actively pursuing various collaborations to gain competitive advantage these are mostly in the areas of technology, funding and market. The collaborators include:

pradanPRADAN - Masuta collaborates with PRADAN for producer enrolment and building linkages with government agencies. Association with PRADAN also helps the organisation in mobilising financial resources.

nabardNABARD – Provides cheaper credit, innovation grants and capacity building supports.

Central Silk Board – CSB played a very crucial role during establishing Masuta by providing financial and technological supports.

Eco-Tasar – Eco- Tasar is a subsidiary of Masuta which manufactures fabric. By collaborating with Eco-Tasar Masuta is able to enter into more value addition.

Villgrow - Villgrow is an organisation involved in incubating innovative technological solution to rural production systems. Masuta intends to bring in efficient technologies to improve the quality of the product and income to producers through Villgrow.

C-DAC, IIT-Kharagpur – Masuta is in touch with C-DAC (Kolkata) and IIT (Kharagpur) to understand the feasibility of developing a technology to do a more scientific quality assessment of cocoons, yarns and tasar eggs.

Donors: Various donors like Rabo Foundation, RBS-Foundation-India help the yarn producers in building up their equity based. They help MASUTA in capacity building support to its staff and member producers.

Various banks – Masuta has built good rapport among various private sector banks like AXIS Bank, Development Credit Bank, ICICI bank, HDFC-Bank; public sector banks like Punjab National Bank, Indian Bank and financial institutions like IFMR Trust, OIKIO-Credit to leverage bulk credits.

National-HandloomNational Handloom Development Council: They purchase our yarns and promote tasar yarns (available in hank forms) among the handloom weavers.

Various NGOs: Many NGOs has come up to work with handloom weavers, they have institutional collaboration (trade agreements) with Masuta to ensure supply of yarns to the weavers.

Mumbai Chamber of Commerce: Help in policy advocacy in Masuta’s favour.