Mission, Vision & Values
As mentioned above, Masuta has been established with the dual purpose of providing livelihood opportunities to the women who are constrained for resources and also bring about change in the society by allowing the women producers to take ownership of their organisation. This is reflected in the mission statement of Masuta which states.
“We create sustainable and perpetual livelihoods for resource-constrained women, augment their socio-economic status and affect change”

masuta masuta masuta

Key words:

Sustainable: We will continue to grow and serve the purposes for which it was established in spite of experiencing all sorts of stresses and constrains.

Perpetual livelihoods: We will provide livelihoods to the producer members throughout the year on a continuous basis.

Resource constrained women: Women who have limited opportunities to earn livelihoods because of lack of self-belief, confidence, skills, market opportunities or any other factors

Socio-economic status: The way women are perceived in the society and their status in a hierarchical society.

Affect change: We want to change the image of the member women in their society by providing them dignified income opportunity and ownership in their organisation and to become a model to be replicated across India, thereby bringing about economic prosperity in village communities and influence the mainstreams in favour of resource constrained rural women.

Masuta’s Vision

Vision lays down the Big Audacious Goal or Visualised Desired State that helps the institution define its future growth path. Masuta’s vision states,
“We will bring about change and set an example as a producer owned company”

masuta masuta masuta

Numbers are always one of the very important factors to bring in changes, thus Masuta visualized to be owned by 10,000 rural women from 5 states generating on an average an individual additional annual income of Rs 20,000 by 2015.

Masuta’s Values

Respect towards women: Masuta believes in the potential, capacity and capabilities of women to patronize and govern their business organisation.

Transparency: Masuta ensures that all relevant information regarding its operations and its key policies is open to all of its stakeholders

Creativity: Masuta actively promotes creativity and innovation within the organisation. Staff and producers are encouraged to think of and share new ideas to improve.

Ownership with responsibility: All the staff and producer members of Masuta are deeply involved in the activities and tasks assigned to them. They discharge their duties with admirable sense of responsibility and own the outcome.

Fairness: Masuta strives to be fair in all its dealings with all the stakeholders.

Excellence: Masuta’s employees and producer members strive to achieve excellence in all functional areas and this will be an on-going process.